4Cats Pillows - Cuddle Cushions


A range of different catnip or valerian pillows in different designs and sizes.  Keep you kitties entertained and watch them spend their time cuddling and playing with these great cushions.

In 2 different flavours means you can get something to suit your kitties favourite smell


Bored kitties can become destructive and over active in unsuitable ways so these help to keep them entertained.  Add different stimulation to keep them active and healthy

Small pillow dimensions - 11 by 7 cm


Please Note - we can not guarantee which pattern you will get from your chosen pillow, if ordering more than 1 you will get a mix of what is available


4Cats Pillows

  • These a toy aimed at pets and are not a childrens toy

    Please also supervise you pets at all times during play with these toys