Pet Travel Bags - Various Sizes

Unique patented design for comfort travel with your cat or dog

These bags are designed to be flexible making them ideal for use in cabin air travel but great for all kinds of adventures with your pet whether on foot or in a vehicle

The SturdiBag™ Large was designed for in-cabin, airline travel and is the largest size allowed by most airlines but is available in various sizes

This feather-light carrier is made of tough fabric with tension rods that give it shape. The solid floor and included comfort pad ensure your pets comfort. Machine washable.

All the bags are designed to suit both dogs and cats to help with travel, small, medium and discreet options to suit most needs


Small Dimensions: 26 H x 26 W x 46 D cm, 1.22kg

Safely carries pets up to 13.5kg

Large Dimensions: 31 H x 31 W x 46 D cm, 1.41 kg

Safely carries pets up to 18kg

Extra Large Dimensions: 41 H x 31 W x 51 D cm, 1.86 kg

Safely carries pets up to 15.8kg

Incognito: 43 by 38, 20 cm Deep

Tote: 30cm diameter, 33H cm

Safely carries pets up to 4.5kg

Large Cube: 31 H x 31 W x 31 D cm

Safely carries up to 9kg





Sturdi - Pet Travel Bags