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Our Story

As a family run business we are invested in providing quality products that we ourselves use for our pets.  Personally I have owned cats my whole life and as I got older introduced dogs into our family.  

We try nearly all our products out on our own cats/dogs and know how good they are.  Years back at a world cat show in Denmark we met the producers of BigCats beds.  These stood out as quality with a unique flare, so we immediately added them to our products.  

Sturdi is also a great unique product not available in the UK but great for pet travel and cat shows.  These are all great quality and unique in design and pattern. 

As a cheaper alternative we have also created a similar travel/show product with unique design.  We wanted to be able to offer everyone a choice, depending on their price bracket, of having a unique show/travel pen for their pets.

We are also always interested in any request for products to add to our store, so please let us know through our contact form, if you would like to see a certain product added to our range.  We will then look at costs and possibility of adding the item/s to our store

You can also find us at shows across the UK selling our products.  This year, due to covid, we don't have any planned shows but will be at the pet show next year, plus lots more events which you can find on our event page once shows start back up

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