Pettime - Pet drying Cabinet


This is a secure drying cabinet designed for cat and small dogs

The units have the following features

  • Drying temperature from 20°C to 40°C
  • Internal Light
  • Hair gathering filter at back
  • Absorbant pad
  • Water proof cover for filter
  • Front & side air outlets
  • Safety door lock
  • Disinfection mode (ozone cleaning) for after a cylce (please note that there must NOT be any animals in the dryer during this cylce)
  • Setting button - to set time, temperature and fan speed
  • Instruction manual included


Each unit has a large internal area for your cat/dog to sit.  With the water proof mat this helps make it comfortable for your pet.  Also there are two filters, one at the back and one in the middle.  The airflow travels around the unit to help dry the full coat and there is enough space for them to move around.  With 3 fan levels you can start on a low setting to get them used to it and increase slowly.  There is a safelty door lock that can be placed on to prevent the animal from lifting the door up and escaping. There is also an aromapherapy clip (pink clip in pictures) that you can put in the back filter as well (no required).

These dryers can also be linked up to your phone so that you can control the setting via this without touching the units

The dryers are very light weight at only 14kg and can easily be used on a suitable solid worktop, meaning that you do not need to bend over to get the animal in and out.

It is advised that the pet not be left alone for safety reasons

Pettime Pet Care Room